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Information for Tenants

Helpful resources and updates for you. You are not alone.

We are here to help you.

Some individuals and organizations in the area have offered available housing for individual tenants and families. We are reaching out to tenants unit by unit to figure out what you need and help you through your situations. We do not judge and are here to provide options and support.


Please contact us at  to talk about options.  

Finding Housing

We know this is the biggest concern for many. We have been looking into options some are below.

Replacing Losses

Please tell us what you have lost and what you need to replace. We will try to help secure those things for you.

Helping You

You might have a different problem or situation. We will listen without judgement and try to help you out.

Top Five Things to Do

We have been working to find solutions and partners that can provide housing and resources to you. We believe that the following steps are helpful for most tenants and share them here to guide your next steps.


Take a moment of pause

You and your household have just been through an unexpected and traumatic event. It will take some time for things to feel normal again. This process is challenging and complicated. Complex emotions are normal. Your mental and physical health are most important.


Connect with WoodGreen Housing

WoodGreen Housing Emergency Location Services provides housing in the case of emergencies, and can work for you. If you are in the hotel, WoodGreen will be making a presentation on-site and answering questions this Friday January 21st. Contact them at (416) 645-6000 ext. 2500 or via email at


Register with Ontario Works

Ontario Works can offer emergency solutions to you, but can be a challenging system to navigate. We can help you with this. The High Park/Parkdale Employment & Social Services office of Ontario Works can be reached at 416-397-7800 for the general office and 416-338-8888 / 1-888-465-4478 for intake.


Register with West Toronto Community Legal Services 

West Toronto Community Legal Services (WTCLS) is a non-profit community legal clinic and housing help service for low income people in Toronto's west end. Register here for their Housing Help Services.


If you need something, contact us

We are helping tenants replace urgently needed items like eyeglasses, and items you'll need in the future to set up your new home. We've raised funds that will help you and your family. Please reach out - in person (Gloria is in touch with most of you) or by email at - if you need something.

Resources for you

These guides to recovering from a fire, prepared by other groups, might be helpful for you.

City of Toronto Fire Recovery Booklet

A booklet created to guide people through the process of recovering from a housefire in Toronto, including services. 

Red Cross Guide to Home Fire Recovery

A guide created by the Canadian Red Cross, it provides checklists and information including how to replace important documents.

Recovering Emotionally after a Residential Fire

The American Psychological Association's guide to managing the complex emotions that follow a fire and loss in a your home.

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