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All fire photos taken by @DerekCraig

The fire on January 15th at 828 Shaw Street left thirteen households displaced and in need of immediate assistance.

Many are low income, without tenant insurance, and had to leave with only the belongings on their backs.

One is in life-threatening condition, alone in the country without family and suffering tremendous loss and injury.

This is a story about a system failing, and a preventable tragedy affecting some of Toronto's most vulnerable people.

These people should never have suffered this tragedy.


They have been fighting for a safe home for years. They deserve one now.

This website is a grassroots initiative to support the tenants of 828 Shaw Street as they rebuild, organized by their friends, family and neighbours.


Byron suffered critical injuries in the fire and needs our help.


He's alone as he fights for his life in hospital, his mom returning to Chile just days before this tragic fire.

He's lost so much in this fire and will continue to deal with the impacts on his health and life for a long time. 

Byron needs our help to:

  • Bring his mom to Canada to be with him

  • Help find his beloved cat who was lost in the fire.

  • Raise the funds needed to rebuild his life after the tremendous trauma and loss he has suffered.


For Media

Many tenants have been documenting a history of unsafe conditions in the building, and are eager to tell their stories. The fire has impacted each household in unique and lasting ways. We want to speak to media about this event, our work and the multiple failures of systems that led to it.

For Tenants

We are here to listen without judgement and help you find options, advocate for and secure housing, immediate and ongoing needs as you rebuild in your new home.


Hablamos Español.

For the Community

The families and individuals displaced by the January 15th fire at 828 Shaw Street are going to need the support of our community to secure safe housing, rebuild their lives, and restore their losses.

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